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I’m always interested in new projects & working with great new people!
If you need some design work created, or if you’d just like to ask some questions, feel free to contact me. You can easily catch me via the contact form or email address below. I’m also available for speaking engagements, students, or just to chat the sun and the moon.

So you like what you see but would like to see some references? Not a problem, click the following link to view my Linkedin Resume & References. (Link will open in a new window for your convenience.)

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I give you the choice of emailing me at either the address below, or with my contact form.  Please try to be detailed with your requests, and if possible, please provide a telephone number where I can reach you to discuss further. I normally respond quickly to all emails. Let’s get in touch!

Email: chris [at] cprescott [dot] [com]

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